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With great pleasure and excitement, we welcome you back to IThappens after being offline for a few years! We are thrilled to have the opportunity to share our latest content with you. If you are new to ITHappens, we’re a student-run website that hosts all kinds of articles in the field of Information Management. Located in Tilburg as a part of the study association SBIT.

Over the past few months, we have been working hard to refine what we had planned for ITHappens and to work towards delivering that experience. We’ve expanded the team working behind the scenes and we’re dedicated to providing the latest articles, theses and insights into companies intertwined in Information management. We’ve also redesigned our website to be more user-friendly.

As we relaunch our website, we want to assure you that our plan is to deliver content on a consistent basis. From now on you can expect new articles to be posted on a bi-weekly basis. You can expect new content that will help you become more informed and inspired in the information management world.

Some of you may be wondering why our website was offline for the past few years. To briefly explain what happened. We experienced some technical issues during a migration to a new server, and unfortunately, the expertise needed to fix the problem wasn’t available at the time. Due to this scenario unfortunately the website could not receive periodic updates and slowly became unusable. Moving forward we’re confident that the changes we made will help us avoid similar issues in the future.

So, to finish off, welcome back to ITHappens! We as a team are thrilled to welcome you back and are looking forward to delivering content to you in the years to come.

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