Meet the team

Alwin van Welie

Hey! My name is Alwin van Welie. I study the Master of Information Management in combination with the dual degree program called ITEM. I study both in Tilburg and Turku (Finland) for this program.

My fields of interest are among others change- project- and people-management. I really like leading a transformation from A to B within a company where all employees are committed and involved in the change, regardless of their age and skills. I rather prevent resistance to occur than decrease or completely take away resistance towards a change.

Furthermore, my hobbies are mountain biking, working out & reading. Next to this I really like writing articles. I also have my own website where I write about self-improvement (Mostly in Dutch, but it is translatable) for all types of people. The website is called

I expect to be graduated somewhere in August 2024, after which I am expecting to become a consultant on a strategic level!

Rian van der Meiden

Hi, I’m Rian van der Meiden, a 24-year-old originally from Ireland. My passion for technology and its transformative potential has driven my professional journey, leading me to explore various aspects of the information management field. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of delving into diverse areas, ranging from project management and software engineering to IT innovation, honing my skills and knowledge along the way.

Besides my focus on IT, I find joy in a delightful mix of hobbies such as cooking, travelling, and snowboarding. Exploring new recipes in the kitchen, planning my next trip, and saving up to afford to go on snowboarding adventures in the winter is what keeps me going in life.

Dylan Dreyer.

Dylan Dreyer Varsics

I am Dylan Dreyer Varsics, a 25-year-old dedicated entrepreneur with a passion for innovation and technology. My experience lies in optimizing business processes, digital marketing, data analytics, and assembling and building technical systems, ranging from computers to 3D printers.

I look forward to starting my Master’s in Information Management at Tilburg University, which will start in September 2023. During this new study, I will focus on improving my academic skills and knowledge in the information technology field.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I find joy in exploring the world through travel and establishing meaningful connections through networking. I enjoy engaging in various sports like cycling, hiking, scuba diving, and hitting the gym. My creative side finds fulfillment in designing and building innovative projects.

Laurens Klaassen

Hi. My name is Laurens Klaassen, I am a master student in the fields of Information Management and Finance. Both being Msc programs of Tilburg University in the Netherlands.

With this background in mind, my interest lies at the junction of the Financial and Informatics worlds. Particularly data analytics & machine learning with financial applications and fintech, is where my field of expertise lies.

I hope to be able to provide the readers of IThappens with interesting insights pertaining to the topics of my expertise, and inspire the reader with thought provoking matter in the crossroads of the fields of Finance and Information Management.

Mehmet Katranci

I am Mehmet Katranci, 24 years old, and recently graduated MSc Strategic Management Consultancy Track at Tilburg University. My experience lies in process optimalisation and change management in NGO’s, but I would like to expand this towards my main interests within the consultancy sector, the soft side. Working with organizations to adapt their culture in a way that benefits management and employees is what I really would like to do and what I am moving towards.