Alwin van Welie

Hey! My name is Alwin van Welie. I study the Master of Information Management in combination with the dual degree program called ITEM. I study both in Tilburg and Turku (Finland) for this program.

My fields of interest are among others change- project- and people-management. I really like leading a transformation from A to B within a company where all employees are committed and involved in the change, regardless of their age and skills. I rather prevent resistance to occur than decrease or completely take away resistance towards a change. I am also very interested into cybersecurity and legislation.

Furthermore, my hobbies are mountain biking, working out & reading. Next to this I really like writing articles. I also have my own website where I write about self-improvement (Mostly in Dutch, but it is translatable) for all types of people. The website is called

I expect to be graduated somewhere in August 2024, after which I am expecting to work with cybersecurity and/or change management on a strategic level!

Author Dylan Dreyer Varsics IThappens

Dylan Dreyer Varsics

I am Dylan Dreyer Varsics, a 25-year-old dedicated entrepreneur with a passion for innovation and technology. My experience lies in optimizing business processes, digital marketing, data analytics, and assembling and building technical systems, ranging from computers to 3D printers.

I look forward to starting my Master’s in Information Management at Tilburg University, which will start in September 2023. During this new study, I will focus on improving my academic skills and knowledge in the information technology field.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I find joy in exploring the world through travel and establishing meaningful connections through networking. I enjoy engaging in various sports like cycling, hiking, scuba diving, and hitting the gym. My creative side finds fulfillment in designing and building innovative projects.

Rick van Gisbergen

Hey! My name is Rick van Gisbergen. I am a 24-year-old Information Management student at Tilburg University, with a background in Industrial Engineering. Born and raised in Tilburg. My interests lie in the realms of data analytics, business intelligence, and the exiting world of big data.

Beyond the digital realm, you can often find me hitting the pavement for a run or in the gym, staying active and energized. I also like to read non-fiction books, constantly seeking to expand my knowledge and perspectives.

I am exited to embark on this journey of exploration and learning, and I am eager to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for leveraging data to create meaningful impact.

Laura van IJzendoorn

Hi! My name is Laura van IJzendoorn. I am a 22-year-old student in Information Management. As of now I have started the dual degree program called ITEM for which I will embark to Turku (Finland) in Januari of 2024.

During my graduation project in my bachelor’s I found my interest to lie in cybersecurity, privacy and how this can change an organization. As people are often reluctant to go along with change, it is interesting to spark the conversation and see how change can eventually find its way into an organization.

Aside from my studies, I can often be found taking a walk with my dog, baking sweets or enjoying some quality time with friends.

I look forward to bring my expertise and experience to the readers of ITHappens.

Pepijn Verhoef ITHappens author

Pepijn Verhoef

Hey there! My name is Pepijn Verhoef, I’m 24 years old and I’m currently doing a Master’s in Information Management at Tilburg University.

In my spare time, I like to travel, meet with friends, read about IT-related innovations, listen to music, learn new languages, and watch some shows on Netflix.

Throughout my studies, I already had the pleasure of participating in exciting events and going on numerous trips. This includes doing my minor in Prague and working on an international project with students in Rome and another one in Leuven.

My interests lie in IT management, Cybersecurity, Business Analytics, and IT Cloud. These are the main fields that interest me and where I would like to pursue my career. For IThappens, I aim to write mostly about those topics. I hope my future articles will be insightful and interesting to you.

Gijs van Weert

Hello! I am a student of Econometrics and Operations Research at Tilburg University. I also undertake various extracurricular activities to develop soft skills and acquire professional experience. After graduating at the end of 2024, I want to develop efficient algorithms for machine learning with maximal societal benefit.

I became part of ITHappens because it is a new initiative. This gives a lot of freedom to experiment and explore new ideas. ITHappens has the potential to become a valuable platform for exchanging knowledge and perspectives between academics, students, and IT professionals. I am excited to be part of the motivated and entrepreneurial team that is taking this project to new heights!

My main responsibility in the committee is to develop and implement an editorial strategy that delivers the most relevant content to our target audience. I believe that this is foundational to the long-term growth of the platform.


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