About IThappens

IThappens helps the next generation of IT professionals, entrepreneurs, and researchers to make a difference in the world.

We offer a two-sided platform that connects talented students with experienced professionals:

  • Students publish original research, technical guides, and essays about the latest developments in information technology. This creates a valuable source of information for consultants and business leaders.
  • Professionals show how organizations use IT and what it takes to succeed in a business environment. This helps young talents to discover how they can create value.

We organize interviews and events to encourage interaction between both sides.


IThappens is made possible by our partners through funding, promotion, and other forms of support. Please note that unless otherwise stated, our content is produced by independent authors and does not reflect the views of partner organizations.



IThappens wants to become a reliable and relevant source of information. For this reason, we are continuously working to improve the quality of our content. As of March 2024, we have implemented a peer review system to ensure that all publications meet academic standards and comply with our editorial policy.


We are always looking for motivated volunteers to create content or become part of the organizing committee. Joining IThappens helps you to become an expert in your field, meet employees at leading organizations, develop soft skills, and boost your cv. Visit our write for us and join IThappens pages for more information about the possibilities.

We are also open to collaborations with organizations and other initiatives. Do not hesitate to reach out to us!