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This post explains what it is like to be part of IThappens as an author or member of the organizing committee. The article first describes what IThappens is. Then it dives into the culture of IThappens and explains how we typically work. This is followed by an overview of our core functions: Creating content and promoting this through various channels to reach our audience. Subsequently, the 7th and 8th paragraphs go into the technical aspects of managing our platform. The next section discusses our efforts to establish partnerships with universities, companies, and other organizations. Paragraph 10 introduces new initiatives that will soon be implemented. Finally, the article highlights the importance of our work by showing the results that IThappens achieved.

About IThappens

IThappens is an initiative of the study association Asset | SBIT to connect students with professionals in IT and data. We offer talented students a platform to share their unique perspectives on technology in a business context. In addition, we invite experienced professionals to explain the challenges, innovations, and success stories encountered in practice. Combining both sides creates a unique platform for discussion and mutual learning. Ultimately, the goal is to establish IThappens as a trusted source of information with contributions from students and experts everywhere. Visit our About page to learn more about our mission and ambitions.


IThappens is driven by a shared passion for shaping the future through technology. This can only be achieved by a combination of creativity, initiative, and persistence. Therefore, we create an environment where ideas can flow freely, everyone is committed to our goals, and we can implement changes as fast as possible. This is achieved by eliminating all unnecessary procedures, rules, or precautions, and encouraging direct and honest communication. Nonetheless, the atmosphere is lighthearted and there is plenty of time for informal chatter during meetings. We also organize occasional team activities.

How we work

Each week, there is a meeting between thirty and sixty minutes. We discuss what we should do next, how the articles we have posted are doing, and how we will continue to expand ITHappens over time. The chairman of the committee will make sure that the agenda of the next meeting is always ready before the next meeting starts. This person is also responsible for dividing tasks, introducing new people to the committee, and making sure that the meetings will stay on topic and not take too long. 

Most meetings take place in a hybrid form, where it is always possible to join online. Alwin has been the president for some time while he was studying in Turku, Finland for example. Other members have been present either online or physically at the SBIT rooms in Tilburg. This way, everyone can work on ITHappens in their own way!


Adding new, inspiring material to the website is one of our primary responsibilities. The topics for the content are determined during committee meetings. Suggestions might come from any committee member and can be based on the courses we are taking, projects from those courses, collaborations, and, of course, personal interests. Where some articles are written by a single person, others can be a collaborative effort like the article you are reading now! This article has been written by all current members of ITHappens. All these things are decided upon in meetings, taking into account a member’s interest and of course the time members have to put into this. 

Social media

Since 2023 ITHappens has started to make more use of social media! ITHappens has started to publish reels on our own Instagram account whenever we post a new article to the website. 

We have two purposes for which social media content is created. First of all, we have promotional videos which are made for each new article that we create. We send this to all active members of the Asset | SBIT WhatsApp group, as well as to the MsC Information Management (IM) WhatsApp group. Then, we create videos to promote the already present articles on ITHappens. We are currently creating the videos in Canva, which works really well. It is very easy and quick to make high-quality videos.


IThappens also relies on analytics management. We employ analytical tools to track the effectiveness of our website and gain insights into user behavior. We analyze these data to find trends and patterns. This directs our content approach to subjects that interest our fellow readers. We also keep searching for areas where we can improve. Whether it’s improving the user experience on our website or making our content more visible on various platforms. Like crafting engaging articles, analysis of all findings requires a blend of creativity and data-driven decision-making to ensure that our efforts align with the interests of our audience.


The primary objective of website development at IThappens is to continuously enhance our website’s functionality and user experience. The first responsibilities are to manage and upkeep our database to resolve technical issues when they occur. We also prioritize updating WordPress tools and plugins on schedule. We take these steps to maintain the security and functionality of our website. Beyond simple upkeep, we actively look for new and creative methods to improve our website so that it can better serve our users. We want to give continuous development a top priority in order to deliver a seamless and engaging experience for both users and contributors.

External affairs & partnerships

Besides the internal partners and relationships, ITHappens also aims to establish and maintain new relationships with external partners. By doing so, we not only extend our awareness to more companies but also stimulate and initiate collaborations with other organizations. Getting and staying in touch with these organizations and partners requires a specific set of social skills. Not everybody possesses these skills right from the start but throughout your time as a member of ITHappens you get to develop these skills. You’re not on your own when it comes to tasks like these but developing social skills will allow you to be better prepared for your future career when you are on your own. 

New initiatives

Now and then, we look into new ideas for our platform. Not every thought turns into an actual part of our platform, but we do brainstorm from time to time to keep our platform updated with circulating trends. We encourage each other and new members to come up with new ideas for our platform to keep extending our reach to a wider audience. One of the initiatives we are working on right now for example is setting up a podcast. 


IThappens was founded by a committee of Asset | SBIT in 2014. Since the start, more than 30 motivated Information Management students have contributed to articles about IT management, data science, artificial intelligence, and related topics. We have helped industry professionals and students by sharing theoretical knowledge and practical experiences. Here is a short overview of what IThappens achieved:  

  • We published almost 100 articles about IT and data that are valuable to consultants, business decision-makers, and students worldwide.
  • Our articles are cited in research and industry reports, ranging from the European Commission (1) to scientific articles (2) and solutions for some of the world’s biggest problems (3).
  • We interviewed experienced professionals at companies like Google, IBM, and PwC.

Interested in joining IThappens yourself?

We hope that this article gives you a good idea of what IThappens does, what we want to achieve, and what it is like to be part of IThappens. Our platform is rapidly expanding, and we offer many opportunities for motivated students to contribute to our mission. Are you enthusiastic about helping with the growth and development of IThappens? Please visit join us for more information. In case you are only interested in writing for IThappens, find out more on the write page. You can also contact us directly at We are open to any ideas you may have!



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