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Does Artificial Intelligence improve humanity?

Thinking is a complex procedure which is important in the current decision-making world. Intelligent systems are helping humans with this thinking process to better achieve specific goals (Binnig, Baatz, Klenk & Schmidt, 2002). The help of these systems is called...

/ 4 november 2019

Artificial Intelligence as a Service

Introduction This article examines the possibilities and advantages of Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS). You are probably already familiar with the acronym aaS, which stands for “as a service”. Paste a random letter in front of it and you...

/ 7 mei 2019
Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

What will happen when machines are better at our jobs than we are?

/ 16 maart 2018
IThappens - Chatbots

Human, am I talking to you?

Hi, did you miss something in your news feed? I can find it for you! You wanna know how?

/ 1 maart 2018