Artificial Intelligence

The future workforce – work smarter in collaboration with machines

The future workforce – work smarter in collaboration with machines According to Gartner (2018), spending on Artificial Intelligence (AI) has reached $1.2 trillion in 2018, that’s 70% more compared to 2017. The same source forecasts that AI spending will be...

/ 20 maart 2019

Levels of Data Analytics

Levels of Data Analytics Introduction As with most technical terms, some ambiguity and incorrect usage can be expected. The words ‘analysis’ and ‘analytics’ are no exception. In many articles and news stories terms such as ‘analytics’, ‘descriptive’ and ‘predictive’ are...

/ 20 maart 2019

Individual vs Group Privacy

Individual vs. group privacy Floridi (2014) argues that most humans are not profiled as individuals but as a member of a specific group. Strangely, not all topics are covered within GDPR legislation and especially group privacy is absent. So, what...

/ 20 maart 2019
Process Mining

Process Mining

Process mining is a data science technique that could help with discovering, monitoring, improving or predicting processes. It could help you to exploit the data of your information systems in a useful way. Process mining is a research discipline located...

/ 20 maart 2019

Personal branding

Personal branding Personal branding helpt om jezelf te onderscheiden en aantrekkelijk te maken. Denk maar eens aan een bekend merk pindakaas of cola. Hoewel deze producten meer kosten dan een ander merk, zijn veel mensen toch geneigd om voor dit...

/ 20 maart 2019
IThappens - Biometrische identificatie

Biometrische identificatie

Niet alles mag digitaal aangevraagd worden. Een struikelblok hiervoor ligt bij identificatie. Is iemand wel wie hij beweert te zijn? Door betrouwbare manieren van identificatie wordt het mogelijk meer diensten digitaal te leveren. Een oplossing hiervoor is biometrie. Maar wat...

/ 22 mei 2018
Autonomous Transportation

An Introduction to Autonomous Transportation

Getting around now is a task which requires thinking about the other users of the road. But this is going to change for you!

/ 9 mei 2018
Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness (NORA)

Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness (NORA)

What is Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness and how does it influence national security?

/ 4 juni 2018