About IThappens.nu

IThappens.nu, the Information Management platform

IThappens is a knowledge platform for students, professionals and all others interested in Information Management. On this platforms, articles concerning a lot of subjects of Information Management will be made available. Furthermore, interviews with alumni and articles on developments in Information Management will be shared. Topics such as FinTech, Cyber Security, Edge Computing, AI and many more will be shared on this platform, which attracts around 5000 unique readers annually.

This platform is created by Asset | SBIT and all content is provided by the members of Asset | SBIT. However, there’s also the opportunity to become a guest author or post an article on behalf of a company. Are you interested in writing an article of sharing one on behalf of your company? Contact us at info@ithappens.nu or ar info@asset-sbit.nl.

How are we different from other platforms?

Since all of our core authors are students, we provide a fresh view on Information Managements most recent developments and scientific articles. Upon on the academic knowledge, a lot of our authors have professional experience in several job types in Information Management, which provides us with a practical view on dilemma’s as well.

For more information, please contact us at: info@ithappens.nu.