This final board story will give you an insight in what it is like to be the External Affairs Officer of Asset | SBIT. My name is Roel Koens and I am this years External Affairs Officer of Asset | SBIT. In this article I will explain to you what my year has looked like so far.

But first of all I will introduce myself. I am 22 years old and just last week I finished my master in Information Management. This also shows that you still have some time left to do something besides your board year such as following a course. I was born and raised in a small village called ‘s-Gravenpolder which is close to Goes. When I was 10 years old me and my family moved to Curacao where I spend the next few years of my life. After that we moved back to Zeeland where I finished my high school. When I started studying I moved immediately to Tilburg. Because I was busy with a lot of other things it took me quite a while before I became active in the student life. For a brief period I was at Asset | Marketing but when I started my master I decided to become active in some committees at Asset | SBIT to do something extra besides my study.

I enjoyed my time at Asset | SBIT so much that I became more and more active throughout the year. When I heard of the opportunity of a board year I was immediately very interested. At first I thought that it was too late for me since I was already in my masters and that I should probably start working. However this was definitely not the case, and I am really happy about that. Also since I had no idea what kind of work I wanted to do even though I had almost finished my master. Fortunately I got the opportunity to become the external affairs officer this year. It has also helped me a lot in deciding what path I want to take in the future since this function is ideal for that. As an external affairs officer it is your job to keep contact with all the partner companies that Asset | SBIT has. As well as being responsible for the formal events that Asset | SBIT organizes throughout the year.

However these are not all the tasks you will have throughout the year. In the beginning of the year you divide all the portfolios and committees with your board as well as the portfolios regarding Asset General. I took the Website portfolio of Asset | SBIT together with the IST, Hackathon and IThappens committee. As an external affairs officer you also have a weekly 2 hour meeting with all the externals of the Asset departments. Here you discuss all the formal sides of Asset such as the events and partners you have. In the beginning of the year you also get a portfolio within this organ. I chose the website portfolio and therefore was responsible of making sure that the all the formal events of Asset general were present on the website. Within this meeting you also have several taskforces which you can join. This year I took part in the Sustainability, CRM, Asset Career Night and the Asset Inhouse Days taskforces. So as you can see you are really free to fill in your year the way you would like.

With all these experiences from the past year I feel that I have really grown as a person. By doing a board year I feel that I have learned more than throughout my studies here at Tilburg University. It gives you way more practical experience than you get during a study. Also the recruiters you meet are a great way to expand your network. When applying for a job these contacts can also come in very useful. Besides this you also meet some great people some of which will become amazing friends. You work together with more than 40 boardies in just Asset alone which you will get to know very well.

Tomorrow we will leave for Panama which means that also the board year is almost over already. The year really flew by and it is pretty strange to think that it is coming to an end. This year has truly been one of the best ever and I am really excited for the summer in which we will hand over our tasks to our successors and prepare them for an amazing year as a board member of Asset | SBIT.

Artikel door Roel Koens