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COVID-19’s Impact on the Insurance Industry: Blessing or Curse?

Black Swan Events; Blessing or Curse? COVID-19 has had an impact on businesses in every sector. For the insurance sector, this means that it can expect to see a dramatic increase in claims, be it health insurance, life insurance, or...

Board Story Vice-Chairman Asset | SBIT, Jesse Ronden

My name is Jesse Ronden, I am 21 years old and I grew up in Heerlen, a city in the south of the Netherlands. I attended the gymnasium at the ‘Sintermeerten College’ and at the age of 18 I finished...

/ 1 mei 2019

Board Story External Affairs Officer Asset | SBIT, Roel Koens

This final board story will give you an insight in what it is like to be the External Affairs Officer of Asset | SBIT. My name is Roel Koens and I am this years External Affairs Officer of Asset |...

/ 29 april 2019

Board story Treasurer Asset | SBIT, Koen Verhagen

In this article I will give you some information about what it is like to do a board year at Asset | SBIT. My name is Koen Verhagen and at the moment I am the treasurer of SBIT. Being a...

/ 18 april 2019

Board Story Secretary Asset | SBIT, Astrid van der Heijden

My name is Astrid van der Heijden, I am 21 years old and I was born in Maastricht. After living in Maastricht for 18 years, I finished my high school in June 2015. After I had finished my high school,...

/ 5 april 2019

Levels of Data Analytics

Levels of Data Analytics Introduction As with most technical terms, some ambiguity and incorrect usage can be expected. The words ‘analysis’ and ‘analytics’ are no exception. In many articles and news stories terms such as ‘analytics’, ‘descriptive’ and ‘predictive’ are...

/ 20 maart 2019