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IThappens - Smart homes

The future of Smart Homes

With the upcoming new technologies, smart homes are becoming a reality. What applications are there and how would a future smart home be like?

/ 24 mei 2017
IThappens - Artificial intelligence

What are the consequences of artificial intelligence for the job market?

Artificial intelligence is an upcoming technology which can have an enormous impact on our job market. What impact does it have and can we prepare for it?

/ 18 mei 2017
IThappens - Gamification

Gamification: successful examples in practice

In a recent article, the Gamification topic was explained. Now, Wilko and Tijn are adding some more depth by giving concrete examples! Click to read more.

/ 19 april 2017
IThappens - GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation and its impact on data subjects and businesses

Master Student Martijn Seij summarizes the new data protection and regulation law and describes what its implications are for business. This article is available in English.

/ 15 maart 2017