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Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

What will happen when machines are better at our jobs than we are?

/ 16 maart 2018
IThappens - Chatbots

Human, am I talking to you?

Hi, did you miss something in your news feed? I can find it for you! You wanna know how?

/ 1 maart 2018
IThappens - Artificial intelligence

What are the consequences of artificial intelligence for the job market?

Artificial intelligence is an upcoming technology which can have an enormous impact on our job market. What impact does it have and can we prepare for it?

/ 18 mei 2017
IThappens - Machinelearning

Toepassingen van Machine Learning

Machine learning is een veelgenoemde trend die waarschijnlijk ook impact gaat hebben op ons dagelijks leven. In dit artikel neemt master student Frank Harmsen je mee in de toepassingen van machine learning.

/ 23 maart 2017