My name is Jesse Ronden, I am 21 years old and I grew up in Heerlen, a city in the south of the Netherlands. I attended the gymnasium at the ‘Sintermeerten College’ and at the age of 18 I finished high school. After visiting a lot of ‘orientation days’ organized by several universities throughout the country, I started to develop an interest in Accountancy and Information Management. In September 2015, I moved to Tilburg to start my bachelor Business Economics, a study which focuses on four different disciplines: accounting, finance, marketing and management.

During my first year in Tilburg, a lot of different student associations came across. I was quite busy with obtaining my BSA and getting used to the student life, so I didn’t join any association yet. However, at the end of the academic year I joined Asset | SBIT together with a couple of friends. I started with the Informail committee, but soon I found out that I wanted to challenge myself a bit more. This is where it all started! In the next two years, I joined more committees, including the Promotion, Activities and European City Trip committee. As I became more and more familiar with SBIT, the idea of doing a board year arose.

In the following months I attended even more activities with SBIT including the unforgettable study trip to Taipei. After a lot of drinks and in depth talks with former board members, I applied for a board year. My function description in the board is the vice-chairman. The main tasks of a vice-chairman can best be described as being responsible for allocating, acquiring and maintaining active members. Besides that, I am in charge of the general promotion of both the formal and informal events by using Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Almanapp and lecture talks. Being responsible for the general promotion may sound easy, but it is more complicated than you would expect. It requires a complete and structured overview of when and how to promote each of the 50+ events during the academic year. Lastly, I stand in for the chairman if Nikki is not present.

During the summer, you are in charge of creating your own portfolio. Together with your fellow board members you divide all the 14+ committees, the different tasks which are not portfolio specific and you determine the ‘kamerdienst’ scheme. I decided to coordinate the Activities, Sports, Promotion and ECT committee. As the board representative of a committee, you are not responsible for leading the meeting or allocating tasks, but you are in charge of providing the committee and board with relevant updates concerning ongoing affairs. Besides your duties for SBIT, you are also responsible for representing SBIT within Asset General. As the vice-chairman, I am present during the Asset Academy and BE-cluster meetings. Asset Academy is the Faculty Wide Organ of the vices and entails organizing the TOP-week, providing Faculty Wide Trainings, making sure Asset is well promoted on campus and online, designing relevant promotion materials and allocating tickets for diverse Asset events. Within Asset Academy, I took the responsibility for coordinating Asset Events, a committee which organizes all the informal events for Asset including the Pre-Carnaval Party, the COdE’s and Asset Champions League. The BE-cluster is in charge of promoting Asset at the bachelor Business Economics in terms of providing summaries, organizing different events and coordinating the BE-committee.

As a board member, you will meet a lot of new people. Besides your fellow board members, you are in close contact with the other Asset boardies and of course your active members. A board year at SBIT is full time which of course entails that you are present at the SBIT rooms quite a lot, but it doesn’t mean your personal life is not existing. It requires discipline to maintain a healthy work-life balance, but it is absolutely possible. During my board year I not only kept in touch with my friends at SBIT, but even with my friends from Limburg. It is up to you!

Besides meeting a lot of knew people which probably become close friends, a board year gives you the opportunity to explore the labor market in a very broad way. By attending a lot of formal events, you will get in touch with recruiters from diverse companies. The career events made me aware of the different cultures and work processes which are used in practice. It even gave me a better understanding of my personal career opportunities.

Upcoming week, it is finally time for our study trip to Panama. I am super excited to be abroad with an amazing group of students. After Panama, there are only a few formal and informal events left before we announce our successors. Even Though I am looking forward to give someone else the opportunity to experience what it is like to be a board member of SBIT, it feels kind of weird that our board year is coming to an end.

In september, I will start my master Accountancy in Maastricht. Nevertheless, I am determined to stay in touch with my board members and others friends who I met during this amazing year. I even might be at the Bolle sometimes.

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