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IThappens - Board stories Secretary

Board stories: Introducing the Secretary and Vice-chairman of SBIT:

Whats is it that the secretary and vice-chairman of SBIT actually do?

/ 1 januari 2018
IThappens - Mixed Reality

An Introduction to The World of Mixed Reality

Mixed reality is a fusion of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and IoT trends. Find out how mixed reality could impact your future.

/ 19 december 2017
IThappens - Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing

Will the computer you own be a Quantum Computer in the near future? Read what Quantum Computing is and how the world could benefit from it here:

/ 4 december 2017
IThappens - User data

The Internet and User Data

A lot of our time is spent on our phones and computers whether it be looking for a store nearby, browsing social media or just chatting with friends. Have you ever considered how much websites and apps that you interact...

/ 6 november 2017
IThappens - Conversational systems

Impact of Conversational Systems on the future of business

What are conversational systems and how could the world benefit from it?

/ 24 oktober 2017
IThappens - Predictive analytics Neural Networks

Predictive analytics & Neural Networks; Outperforming humans?

Predictive analytics can be found in many different fields and businesses. Martijn Seij provides insight in maybe the best predictive technique, Neural Networks.

/ 8 juni 2017