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IThappens - Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing

Will the computer you own be a Quantum Computer in the near future? Read what Quantum Computing is and how the world could benefit from it here:

/ 4 december 2017
IThappens - User data

The Internet and User Data

A lot of our time is spent on our phones and computers whether it be looking for a store nearby, browsing social media or just chatting with friends. Have you ever considered how much websites and apps that you interact...

/ 6 november 2017
IThappens - Conversational systems

Impact of Conversational Systems on the future of business

What are conversational systems and how could the world benefit from it?

/ 24 oktober 2017
IThappens - Predictive analytics Neural Networks

Predictive analytics & Neural Networks; Outperforming humans?

Predictive analytics can be found in many different fields and businesses. Martijn Seij provides insight in maybe the best predictive technique, Neural Networks.

/ 8 juni 2017
IThappens - Smart homes

The future of Smart Homes

With the upcoming new technologies, smart homes are becoming a reality. What applications are there and how would a future smart home be like?

/ 24 mei 2017
IThappens - Artificial intelligence

What are the consequences of artificial intelligence for the job market?

Artificial intelligence is an upcoming technology which can have an enormous impact on our job market. What impact does it have and can we prepare for it?

/ 18 mei 2017