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IThappens - Mixed Reality

An Introduction to The World of Mixed Reality

Mixed reality is a fusion of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and IoT trends. Find out how mixed reality could impact your future.

/ 19 december 2017
IThappens - Conversational systems

Impact of Conversational Systems on the future of business

What are conversational systems and how could the world benefit from it?

/ 24 oktober 2017
IThappens - Smart homes

The future of Smart Homes

With the upcoming new technologies, smart homes are becoming a reality. What applications are there and how would a future smart home be like?

/ 24 mei 2017
IThappens - Gamification

Gamification: successful examples in practice

In a recent article, the Gamification topic was explained. Now, Wilko and Tijn are adding some more depth by giving concrete examples! Click to read more.

/ 19 april 2017