Maand: januari 2018

IThappens - Cryptocurrency Bubble


Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, Insane returns. Three buzzwords that seem to interest a large group of people, but knowledge concerning the technology seems missing most of the times. Some call it a massive bubble, some call it the future. What will it...

/ 31 januari 2018
IThappens - Technology Lock-in

Vastgeketend aan je toetsenbord

N.oy. n.;.p, is wat ik nu blind getypt zou kunnen hebben om jullie te begroeten, als we geen last zouden hebben gehad van technology lock-in. Wat is nou een lock-in?

/ 19 januari 2018
IThappens - Board stories Secretary

Board stories: Introducing the Secretary and Vice-chairman of SBIT:

Whats is it that the secretary and vice-chairman of SBIT actually do?

/ 1 januari 2018